Leadville BBQ & BREW Festival Day 1

The VERY FIRST Leadville BBQ & Brew Fest  was Friday June 26th – Saturday the 27th.
Leadville BBQ & Brew Day 1Of course we had to check it out friday already. We spent the afternoon until the early evening there.

Leadville BBQ & Brew Day 1We had the opportunity to meet many Teams and get some “ Insider“ Tips from a few Pit Masters.

Special Thanks to Mike from  „We’re Burnin Daylight BBQ“ for taking time to show us around in his „Pit“ and answering our Newbie questions. Thanks Mike!!!

Leadville BBQ & Brew Day 1Since this was also a „Brew“ Festival, we made it our Mission to test what these Micro Breweries had to offer.

The Top Taste came from a beer with a very familiar name: „Kolsch“. Brewed by  Echo Brewing Company (actually Kölsch no Ö in the US keyboard). Dennis thought it was awsome that Germans praised the taste of his beer! AND that finally someone pronounced the name “ Kölsch“ right 🙂   Prost!!!
Leadville BBQ & Brew Day 1The Teams were anxious to get the BBQ on the way, however there was quite some time left til midnight. Some took a nap, others just chilled and let the evening pass with friends and family. That´s how BBQ is supposed to be!

Here some BBQ & Brew impressions:

We can´t wait until tomorrow, if you can’t wait either go there now
Good Luck to all the Teams!

10 / 4 Over and Out
Moni & Dirk

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