de Vaartse Hoeve in Dongen / NL

Ever heard of de Vaartse Hoeve in Dongen / Netherlands? Neither did we, However, let us tell you, we are not going to forget it!

Upfront we want to recognize the hospitality of Astrid & Christopher Lodewijks,Thank you for making us feel so welcome.

Marianne & Mayco van Galen (KCBS Reps) what can we say, we are so glad we met you!
Thank you for making both of our first KCBS Judging Events so pleasant and fun!
Looking forward to seeing you at the Ruhrpott BBQ.

Ok, back to this event….Vaartse_Hoeve-201

Location of the Event:

12 BBQ Teams showed up for the First Ever de Vaartse Hoeve. Even though saturday night it was raining like crazy, all teams were in great spirits on sunday morning when we got there.
No wonder, the sun was out, and stayed out for most of the day.Vaartse_Hoeve-202

We arrive at 9 am and get greeted by Marianne, as always with a  great smile. We check in and soon after we meet the other judges, one by one.Vaartse_Hoeve-100 Vaartse_Hoeve-103 Vaartse_Hoeve-106

We are strolling over the grounds taking a  look at all the participating teams. GOOD MORNING

Then we go about our business and get ready to judge this first ever de Vaartse Hoeve KCBS event,

Here is to all the fellow judges! It was great meeting you. Hopefully for many years to come!Vaartse_Hoeve-108

Marianne & Mayco van Galen  You two are awesome people! So glad we met youVaartse_Hoeve-109

Now we wait for the award ceremony…..
which gives us time to meet some of the teams.

Falko´s DIY Barrell Smoker  That Baby ROCKS


At five o´clock it was time to announce the winning teams. We tried to get some pics, and here they are.
I let them speak for themselves.

Vaartse_Hoeve-113 Vaartse_Hoeve-114 Vaartse_Hoeve-115 Vaartse_Hoeve-116 Vaartse_Hoeve-117 Vaartse_Hoeve-118 Vaartse_Hoeve-119 Vaartse_Hoeve-121 Vaartse_Hoeve-122 Vaartse_Hoeve-123

Congratulations to the Grand Champion: IQ – NL

Congratulations to the Reserve Grand Champion: PURE BBQ- NL

All other results you will find here.

Driven Distance for This Event = 367km, cumulated Driven Distance for Judging KCBS Events = 965km

10/4 Over and Out
Moni & Dirk

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