Regahfest Den Haag / NL

We judged our first event at the REGAHFEST Den Haag / Netherlands (29. – 30.08.2015).
Regahfest-135on our way to Regahfest, we took aTrip along the coastline.

Here you can see a couple pics of that. The Zeelandbrugg (Zeeland Bridge) is, with a length over 5km, the longest bridge in the Netherlands.


We drive along the Eastern Scheldt Storm Surge Barrier. These surge barriers are designed to protect the Netherlands from high floods out of the North Sea.

Regahfest-102 weird things are going on some lakes 🙂  Regahfest-106 Beach at BrouwersdamRegahfest-105 Regahfest-104 WOW, starlings all over, as seen in the bushes near the beachRegahfest-103

Port of Rotterdam the biggest port in EuropeRegahfest-107

Next Stop at Hoek van Holland: interresting round abouts…. or whatever that is supposed to be………Regahfest-108 Regahfest-109 Regahfest-110 Regahfest-116 Regahfest-115 Regahfest-111Regahfest-114 Regahfest-113 awesome wheelchairs at the beach 🙂Regahfest-112 ‚cars‘ around the beach … looks like fun!Regahfest-117

What do you expect in a big city in the netherlands? – Right!!! Bicycles, A LOT OF BICYCLES!!!
Regahfest-118 Over night we stayed in the Mercure Hotel, got a good deal for a nice room. Nice ‚view‘ into the roomy shower:Regahfest-119 view over Den Haag, from our roomRegahfest-120In the evening we hang out in Den Haag. We had dinner at t‘ Goude Hooft

Regahfest-121Fish and Chips – perfect – and a Heineken! To die for!Regahfest-124 Hot Thai Chicken Curry, Jummy!Regahfest-125

Some beer sounds weird, specially translated to german. LOLRegahfest-123

Regahfest-122Regahfest-126 Nieuwe Kerk (the new church) in Den Haag, it was built in 1649-1656 because the ‚grote Kerk‘ (big church) was getting to small.Regahfest-127Next day we started early and walked to the Regahfest, on our way we saw a more or less unknown carbrand (Fiskers). Standing at the side on the road, nice car!:Regahfest-128 Regahfest-129

Then, finally we’re in the Fest. Yahoo! let the show begin!
Location of the Event:

Regahfest-130 Regahfest-131 Regahfest-132 REGAHFEST-200REGAHFEST-201REGAHFEST-202REGAHFEST-203REGAHFEST-204REGAHFEST-205REGAHFEST-206REGAHFEST-207Regahfest-133

We had awesome weather, the poeple we met were super nice.
It was a perfect atmosphere and cool music.

The Overall Grand Champion HAMMER & TONGS,
Reserve Grand Champion MISS PIGGY’S U.K.

WOW!! Congratulations to the winnig Teams, and a big, big Thank you to all other teams, you made this event happen!!!

Here you can see the official KCBS Results of Regahfest Den Haag 2015

We hope to see a lot of these people and Teams at the next upcomming events!!

By the way special Thanks to Holger for letting us use some of his pictures from this event!

First Judging Event – Driven Distance for KCBS = 598km – cumulated Driven Distance for KCBS Events = 598km

10 / 4 Over and Out
Moni & Dirk

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